Thursday, August 11, 2005

Where I'm From

I'm from crayons, coloring books and juicy Tang
From Easy Bake ovens and tangled Slinkies

I am from the tin roof house up in the mountains by the river
Swinging bridges and cow pastures
From Bluegrass music and guitars played by the fire

I'm from honeysuckles and they're sweet smell and taste
Dandelions strung into a crown
I'm from crab apple trees and weeping willows

I am from black-eyed peas and cabbage on New Year's day,
Thanksgiving day food fights and red hair,
From Overton and Broughfman

I am from weakness and strength in all their varying degrees
I'm from that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger
From you'll understand when you are older

I'm from Jesus loves you this I know, Bible camp and Sunday school
I am from Lonestar church,
Singing praises to the Lord,
And Pawpaw giving me a dollar for the offering plate

I am from the Appalachian mountains,
From Griffith's Knob,
I am from collard greens and macaroni and tomatoes

I'm from my grandma who ran and jumped in the pond in her pretty Sunday dress
My mom who eloped with my dad at sixteen
From Summers exploring waterfalls, picking blackberries with my sister and learning to dive

I'm From songs on the radio and the memories they bring
From the box in my closet of pictures and old letters
I'm from the photo albums at my mother's house,
And the stories we tell when we are together

I found this writing assignment on Trish's blog, and you can read all about how to create your own poem here. You can also read some poems written by other bloggers here.