Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Camera Update and Stuff

Before I say anything, I must mention the horrible earthquake that happened recently and say once again the people affected by yet another horrible tragedy are in my thoughts and prayers. Something's gotta give. Right?

I bought a battery for my camera on Ebay. Hopefully it will get here very soon! It is driving me crazy that I can't post pictures of what I am doing. I started a really cute felted bag in Purple Lamb's pride with Mulitfizz mixed in. It is going to be super cute! I am also going to make a matching felted cell phone case. These are samples for future beginner knitting classes. There is nothing better than felting for a beginner class. Uneven stitches?? What? Who cares! It will all felt out! This is great for the self esteem of a new knitter and eases a lot of frustration. If you teach crochet or knitting I highly recommend adding felting to your classes.

Take a sec to vote on the next pattern search. I'm going to close the poll Friday which will give me the weekend to find the links. Sunday is the start of my vacation yay! Hopefully I'll have a battery for my camera by then so that I can get some long overdue pictures taken. The main one being the picture of my beautiful blue shawl. No I haven't forgotten about that :)

I should have pictures tomorrow of the latest jewelry set I made for my grandma. She's going to take them tomorrow. I'm actually pretty proud of this set. The chandelier earrings came out very well if I do say so myself :) I just love designing and creating my own jewelry. It is so much fun to have that near instant gratification. I am planning on getting into more complicated projects as soon as I can allot the time for it. That is easier said than done. Have a great Wednesday everyone and don't forget to vote!