Thursday, January 08, 2004

This is work??

I got paid to knit today. How awesome is that! I did a knitting demo for the craft store I teach at. I stood at the front of the store and knitted. Is this a dream job or what. Too bad I am leaving it to go to Florida. (I wouldn't change that for the world though. I'm so glad that Rob is going to be accomplishing his dreams.) Today's demo was for Lion Brand Fun Fur which is an eyelash yarn. I used a strand of the eyelash and a strand of woolease together. I casted on 17 stitches and just K1 P1 across for all rows. It is really looking nice. We are going to display the finished scarf by the yarn. So many beginning knitters/crocheters had seen the yarn but didn't know what the finished product looked like. When they saw the scarf they said "Oh I have to get some of that now!" and "Oh wow! I was wondering what that would look like!" Needless to say a lot of eyelash and woolease was sold today. Haha! I had to go to the manager and get in my told ya so's. I had been telling her since I was hired that we should do a knitting demo. I know i have at least two students, and a couple more pending. I was passing out calendars left and right. I'll post pictures of the scarf in progress tomorrow. I'm too tired to mess with it now.

I have begun putting together the other Blog. I can't decide on a name. I'm picky as #$^!, I know. I guess it isn't really a big deal, but I would like a good name. The Blog itself is moving right along and should be ready soon. As long as a figure out a darn name for it. Bye for now